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Here's a great program from BMW Canada to make owning a great new BMW motorcycle easy for you. OwnersChoice is not a lease, it's a loan with the payment- lowering features of a lease. YOU own the bike, and at the end of the contract it's your choice what to do with it.

Similar to a lease, you finance much less than the entire price of the machine because you are only going to "use up" a certain amount of its' value during the term of the financing. At the end, the residual value is still owing of course: you can trade the bike in and pay off the residual, keep it and refinance or keep it and pay off in cash. The residual value is set by BMW to a fairly low value; most well-cared for bikes will probably be worth more so you may get a nice bonus when you go to trade it for your next bike. You can also set the residual value lower than BMW's recommendation (a residual value of zero is a regular loan).

As the summer begins, all new 2017 BMW motorcycles qualify for financing at 3.99% APR. Any remaining 2016s can be financed at only 3.49%; ask us also about accessory credits on these. In all cases a down payment is OPTIONAL. Here is an example of OwnersChoice financing and low Canadian retail pricing:

2017 R1200RT (base price) $21,250.00
Freight & PDI 750.00
Ontario Tire Stewardship 11.38
Security registration fee53.73
Optional down payment5,000.00

With just $5000 down payment and a four year term, under the OwnersChoice program you pay only $286.21 monthly. With the usual straight loan for four years at the same rate of 3.99%, (also available under OwnersChoice) your monthly payments would be $449.84. The OwnersChoice residual amount at the end of four years is $8,500. The bike should be worth at least that much if you take good care of it, and keep in mind that you would have laid out an additional $7854.20 in loan payments over the three years if you had gone with the loan.

And now, for the month of June, ask about accessory discounts. The R1200RT here now qualifies for a $1250 accessory discount. Buy a riding suit, buy a Navigator, get case liners: the possibilities are many! With optional downpayments, flexible residuals, a biweekly payment option, and terms from 24 to 60 months this program can be tailored within a wide range to fit your needs.

Also, OwnersChoice financing is available for PREVIOUSLY-OWNED BMW motorcycles up to 6 model years old.

3asy Ride: The 3asy Ride program is a new easy way to finance your BMW motorcycle. The highlights are:

Back to the example of the 2017 R1200RT: You would ride away with a down payment of $8291.07, monthly payments of $266.67, and and make a final payment of $8291.07. This is a great way to get a little financing help for a short time at a low rate.

Please feel free to contact us for more details. As always, we would be happy to work with you to get you riding the new BMW of your choice. Stop in for a coffee and visit with us and the bikes or give us a call or e-mail.

NOTE: Rates and details are subject to change without notice. This page is presented for information purposes only; please see us for full details.

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05 January 2017
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